Due to COVID-19, We endeavor to Practice contactless deliveries to the greatest extent possible. This eliminates the need for close contact between ourselves and the person getting the delivery.

We will let you or your cookie recipient know we're outside, and will place your order where instructed. We will then knock on your door and/or ring your doorbell and/or call you to let you know your cookies have arrived. Sadly, We will not be watching for the cookie recipient or yourself to collect the cookies from their/your doorsteps.

For apartments or office buildings, please provide both the buzzer information and a phone number. Please Include as many details as possible in the delivery instructions section of your order. Things like your buzzer code, your apartment number, places to park if it's not obvious, and directions towards the front entrance, all of these can make it easier for our delivery driver. Include a drop off location for safe contactless delivery as well, like your apartment door, or your building lobby.

- We will attempt to contact recipient by buzzer #, phone call, and/or text.

- If unsuccessful, we will wait 5 minutes and attempt contact again.

- If there are instructions or if possible, we will leave the cookies in a safe place and take a picture of its location and text the recipient.

- If we are not able to get a hold of you or leave the cookies in a safe place, the order will be taken with us and we will try to coordinate a pick up with yourself or the intended recipient.

Please be aware and understand that Vancouver Island Cookie Company will make our best effort in reaching yourself or the recipient to ensure a smooth delivery. We are not responsible for any failed delivery attempts and/or damaged cookies.