The perfect cookies. Finally.

There is no shortage of average cookies out there. At Vancouver Island Cookie Co., we’re determined that no one eat an average cookie ever again.

We create homemade cookies with wonderfully contrasting flavours and textures that satisfies even the most particular sweet tooth.

Get my cookie!

7 Reasons Why Cookies are Good for the Soul

  1. They taste fabulous! DUH 
  2. They will help you make friends.  Who doesn’t love cookies?
  3. They have all of the necessary ingredients to survive.  What more could you ask for?
  4. They can cheer people up.  One bite is all they need.
  5. They are your best friend!  Why not?
  6. They are perfect for any occasion.  No party is too fancy for cookies.
  7. They make life sweet…literally.


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